We encounter problems daily at work or at home, it is second nature to us to resolve these issues and move forward, we are not born with this skill and we had to learn it. Helping kids learn how to identify their options to resolve a problem can help them gain confidence in their ability and ensure they are making healthy decisions for themselves. If a child can solve problems on their own, they will be happier, more confident, and more independent, they will not feel frustrated or disheartened in their inefficiency. Therefore, it is important we begin teaching children problem solving skills from an early age.

This very interesting article “How Children Learn to Solve Problems” by Susan A. Miller Ed.D., Ellen Booth Church, and Carla Poole, is showing how we can help children learn problem solving from birth to age of six by encouraging children's explorations and supporting their efforts to resolve difficulties, so they can be very effective problem solvers.