As we gear up to be the magic makers again, lets give ourselves a little grace. Everyone handles Christmas differently. Real life Christmas is not like the movies. Everyone has different expectations, every child handles the pressure and pleasure of Christmas differently, husband and wives don’t always see eye to eye, others regret how much they spend or how ungrateful their kids can be. Changes are inevitable from the people to the gift expectations. Every year, we and the children get older too and this just changes Christmas day every year a little more.

Enjoy the good things that you do. True happiness and excitement comes from loving YOUR life. The traditions that YOU share from generations or the new ones YOU' have created as a FAMILY. Christmas can be stressful and especially in this very challenging time we are experiencing this year. By trying to take some of the pressure off of YOURSELF to make it a “magical day”, the magic will all come on it’s own in memories. It’s always great when you look back and remember all the cuddles and warm milk with cookies in the morning.

Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect to be good!