School Readiness

Children start kindergarten in the year they turn five. There are many things that you can do to help make the transition easier for the whole family.

Here are some suggestions to encourage your child to develop more independence in preparation for school.

  • Give your child opportunities to interact with other children, an activity at your library, preschool, Strong Start Centre.
  • Encourage your child to be responsible for personal care such as dressing
  • Use the washroom by themselves and wash their hands using soap and warm water
  • Give your child specific tasks for helping at home such as setting table or making the bed
  • Make sure your child has a set bedtime – your child should be getting between 10 and 12 hours of sleep
  • Have a special time for reading every day
  • Attend a Ready Set Learn session at the school in your neighbourhood
School bus illustration


Children do not need to have specific knowledge or skills to begin school but it is helpful if they are able to:

  • Share and know how to take turns
  • Cooperate and play well with others
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Understand basic safety rules
  • Play by themselves with toys for a period of time without needing adult attention
  • Take part in group activities
  • Know how to hold and use scissors
  • Open lunch items
  • Get dressed with minimal help
  • Listen and pay attention for short periods of time
  • Recognize their own name in writing