Prenatal & Infancy

Pregnancy and Infancy are the most sensitive stages of development. During this time the brain and its pathways are developing faster than at any time of the child’s life. While what the child is learning may seem minor, it is the basis for the future development of eyesight, hearing, feelings, speech, and movement.

As parents and caregivers you have the most important job in the world. You provide the kind of nurturing and attention that will have a lasting and positive impact on your child’s life.

Some things you can do to help give your child the best start in life:

  • Choose a health care provider immediately – if you do not have a family doctor you may go to a walk-in clinic where a doctor can refer you to receive maternity services.
  • Register your pregnancy with Fraser Health “Best Beginnings” program - register online at or call Abbotsford Regional Hospital at 604-851-4817
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs
stylized outline of pregnant woman

Ten guidelines that can help parents and caregivers raise healthy, happy children and confident, competent learners:

  • Be warm, loving and responsive
  • Respond to the child’s cues and clues
  • Talk, read, and sing to your child
  • Establish routines and rituals
  • Encourage safe exploration and play
  • Make TV watching selective
  • Use discipline as an opportunity to teach
  • Recognize that each child is unique
  • Choose quality child care and stay involved
  • Take care of yourself