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Love Our Children USA www.loveourchildren.org
Love Our Children provides information about the matters of child abuse. Learn about child abuse & the effects & signs that families face today. Articles & updates to keep up with the latest headlines. Created for those who have a deep interest in fighting the abuses that plague our children today and want to make a difference.


Canadian Child Care Federation www.cccf-fcsge.ca
A bilingual national non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of childcare services for Canadian children & families. Work family tips, learning together, publications info & links to other sites.

Child Care Canada www.cccf-fcsge.ca
Bilingual site. CRRU focuses on research & policy resources, advancing a universal, high quality, publicly-funded, not-for-profit, inclusive system of early childhood education & care in Canada.

Child Care Aware www.childcareaware.org
A US non-profit initiative committed to helping parents find the best info on locating quality childcare & childcare resources. Tools to help parents evaluate their child's care, helpful print resources & a daily newsletter.


BC Coalition for people with disabilities www.bccpd.bc.ca
A series of Help Sheets on disability benefits under the Employment & Assistance Legislation. You can view these sheets online &/or download & print them.

BC Association for Community Living www.bcacl.org
A federation that advocates for children, youth & adults with developmental disabilities & their families to ensure justice, rights & opportunities in all areas of their lives.

Disability Issues www.hrsdc.gc.ca
The Department of Social Development (SD) is mandated with helping to secure & strengthen Canada's social foundation. They help families with children, supporting people with disabilities & ensuring that seniors can fully participate in their communities. They provide the policies, services & programs for Canadians who need assistance in overcoming challenges they encounter in their lives and their communities.

Family Support Institute www.familysupportbc.com
A province-wide organization whose purpose is to support & strengthen families faced with the extraordinary circumstances having a family member with a disability.

Individual Funding Family Coalition www.individualizedfunding.ca
IFFC believes children with special needs & adults with developmental disabilities have the same rights as other citizens to self-determination & equality.

Positive Dyslexia Ltd www.dyslexiacanada.com
Commercial site offering info on dyslexia &methods of learning & info on dyslexia.

Psychiatry Dept University of Pittsburgh www.wpic.pitt.edu/research
Offers research info on various subject matter. The child & adolescence section has reports & links to other sites on specific disorders.

Schwab Learning: A Parents Guide to Helping Kids with Learning Differences www.schwablearning.org
U.S. non-profit organization that funds programs in learning differences. Defines the terms associated with learning disabilities & differences that children experience. A topic list of specific disabilities, advice, general info & FAQs. Site offers an audio option.

SpeciaLink www.specialinkcanada.org
SpeciaLink puts researchers, policy makers & parents in touch with the best inclusive practices on the frontlines of Canadian child care. SpeciaLink's goal is to expand the quality & quantity of inclusion in child care for children with special needs.

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry www.aacap.org
Informs parents & professionals about behavioral, developmental, emotional & mental disorders of children & adolescents.

The Hanen Centre www.hanen.org
Charitable organization helping young children at risk for/diagnosed with language delays to communicate to the best of their ability. Info on programs for parents & language delays, directory of Speech & Language pathologists.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada www.ldac-taac.ca
A non-profit organization bilingual site with info on children's learning disabilities, directory of Learning Disability Associations across Canada, a list of relevant books & links to other websites of interest.


All Kinds of Minds www.allkindsofminds.org
A non-profit institution dedicated to the understanding of differences of learning offering training courses and other resources to educators.

A to Z Cool Home Schooling www.gomilpitas.com/homeschooling
Offers info on home schooling, materials, links, chat boards, FAQs, cool kids pages, locating materials.

Achieve BC www.achievebc.ca
Web site brings together the latest educational tools & info for promoting learning & achievement in early childhood, grade school, post-secondary education, & the world of work.

Alternative Educators Network www.altednet.org
A web site presenting alternative education issues to parents.

Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation www.millenniumscholarships.ca
A private & autonomous organization established by an Act of Parliament in 1998 with an endowment of $2.5 billion to help Canadians meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economy & society by creating opportunities for them to pursue their post-secondary education.

Family Education www.familyeducation.com
Commercial site by the Family Education Network. General info for parents of children all ages. Birth - 5 years.

National Association for Education for Children www.naeyc.org
Education (NAEYC) is the nation's largest and most influential organization of early childhood educators and others dedicated to improving the quality of programs for children from birth through third grade.

Open Schools BC www.openschool.bc.ca
BC's foremost developer of distance education & distributed learning materials, offering a wide range of K-12 content, courses, resources professionally designed & teacher-tested. Offers info on-line or in print.

SEER www.seer.org
A cooperative endeavor of 12 American state education agencies that seek to improve student achievement by using integrated environmental curriculum for K-12 education etc.


Canadian Father Initiative www.cfii.ca
This site is aimed at supporting a general mobilization approach & concerted action & is designed to be of assistance to local & provincial organizations that want to be pro-active around father involvement, links to other sites.

DadsDivorce www.dadsdivorce.com
The web site is for fathers going through divorce. Helping through the toughest times for Dad's & kids to remain an active participant. Articles & links to Internet sites.

Fathering www.abbydads.ca
At Abbotsford Community Services, we believe that fathers play a crucial role in the development of their children. We offer programs, activities and support for Abbotsford dads.

Fathering www.mydad.ca
You will find a searchable user-friendly national index of father activities, services, resources, and programs: this Index contains information about activities, services, resources, and programs that exist for fathers coast-to-coast. The organization of the User Index allows the user to search for information either by geographic location of the activities, services, resources, and programs or by the type of father that is served.

National Centre on Fathers & Families www.ncoff.gse.upenn.edu
The NCOFF's offer research, practice, policy analysis & serve as a framework for the field of fathers & families. They represent the knowledge & experience of practitioners who confront complex problems facing fathers & families & are consistent with research across multiple disciplines. They offer an important lens through which policymakers might learn more
about the implications & impact of legislation & policy decisions on the lives of large numbers of fathers, mothers & children.

National Fatherhood Initiative www.fatherhood.org
Educating & inspiring all people, especially fathers through public awareness campaigns, research, & other resources. Equipping & developing leaders of national, state & community fatherhood initiatives.

The Divorced Fathers Network www.divorcedfathers.com
Advocates of shared parenting, dedicated to assisting fathers in parenting issues, helping them through a support group network.

Food & Nutrition:

Breakfast for Learning www.breakfastforlearning.ca
Canada's only national, non-profit organization solely dedicated to supporting child nutrition.

Dietitians of Canada www.dietitians.ca
The nation-wide voice of dietitians - the most trusted source of info on food & nutrition for Canadians. DC brings the knowledge & skills of its members together to influence decisions that affect food, nutrition & health.

Eating Disorder Resource Centre of BC (EDRCBC) www2.vpl.vancouver.bc.ca
Provincial, non-profit organization that is open to the public as well as professionals. Provides referral, educational & research services to people struggling with disordered eating, their support networks, community based organizations, students, educators & professionals working in the area.

Health Products & Food Branch www.hc-sc.gc.ca
An integrated approach to the management of the risks & benefits to health related to health products and food by: minimizing health risk factors to Canadians while maximizing the safety provided by the regulatory system for health products & food. Promotes conditions that enable Canadians to make healthy choices & provide info so they can make informed decisions about their health.

Unilever Bestfoods-North America-Lipton.com www.bestfoods.com
Well-known food brands in North America including Lipton, Ragu, Knorr, Skippy, etc. The site allows parents to click on a variety of food product icons & explore quick & healthy beverage, meal solutions etc.

General Parenting:

Baby Center www.babycenter.com
Johnson & Johnson Site. Info on child development, parenting, strategies, & the "Dad's zone" a section dedicated to fathers. Prenatal - 5 years.

Baby Talk www.babytalk.org
US non-profit providing assistance to parents by developing early childhood parenting education programs. Provides National workshops on how to develop early childhood programs in other communities. Birth - 3 years.

Babyvibe www.babyvibe.ca
'Cool vibes for smart moms' is what the website is called but there's a variety of information for everyone as well as helpful community updates.

Baby Zone www.babyzone.com
Commercial site includes info on adoption, family health, educational toys, etc. Prenatal - 2 years.

BC Council For Families www.bccf.bc.ca
Non commercial site directed at parents as well as professionals. Wealth of info, programs & services directed towards well-being of families & healthy development of children. Prenatal - 5 years.

BC Parent www.bcparent.com
You can access an extensive archive of BC Parent magazine articles & resources.

Canadian Health Network - Health Canada www.canadian-health-network.ca
Bilingual site sponsored by Health Canada & other health organizations offers info on health, child development, play, learning, nutrition, safety, immunization, etc. Prenatal - 5 years.

Canadian Living www.canadianliving.com
This magazine brings you a website packed with articles on women's issues, parenting info, recipes, activities etc.

Canadian Mothers Resource www.thecmr.com
The Canadian Mother Resource provides new and expecting Mothers in Canada with valuable information about Pregnancy, Babies and Motherhood, and sends those Mothers discounts, promotional offers and gifts from our Partners.

Canadian Parents Online www.canadianparents.com
Commercial site with info on parenting issues, child development. Info specific to dads, working moms & grandparents. Prenatal - 5 years.

Caring For Kids www.caringforkids.cps.ca
Bilingual website developed by the Canadian Pediatric Society on child health & development & latest child health news. Prenatal - 5 years.

Centre for Excellence Early Childhood www.excellence-earlychildhood.ca
Bilingual site with an encyclopedia on different subject matter. Aggression, eating disorders, parental leave, school transition, links etc.

Child www.child.com
Commercial site by "Child Magazine" regarding current parenting info & practical suggestions. Birth - 5 years.

Child & amp; Family Canada www.cccf-fcsge.ca
Hosted by a group of non-profit organizations to provide info on a collection of resources, organizations & services available to Canadian families. Prenatal - 5 years.

Connect For Kids www.connectforkids.ca
An award-winning multimedia project, helps adults make their communities better places for families & children. Internet for adults-parents, grandparents, educators, policymakers & others-who want to become more active citizens, from volunteering. Voting with kids in mind.

Early Childhood Research & Practice www.ecrp.uiuc.edu
Research & practice reports, observations & reflections & features. Internet journal on the development, care, & education of young children.

Early Learning Canada www.canadiansocialresearch.net
Bilingual site is based the capacity to learn is optimized in the early years of life. Offers training news, links, resources, discussion groups.

E-Parenting Network www.eparentingnetwork.ca
An interactive web TV where you can watch programs about parenting issues, read & download valuable info, e-mail in questions you have about issues that are important to a parent.

Family eJournal www.familyejournal.com
Family connectedness by allowing parents & children to share their thoughts, feelings through online, guided communication. Connect with your family like never before. You answer the professional prepared questions, online. Only your family reads the answers. Every family can benefit from improved communication.

Family Fun www.familyfun.go.com
Disney commercial site featuring activity suggestions for families, including crafts, recipes & travel info. Child development & parenting info. Birth - 5 years.

Family Service Canada www.familyservicecanada.org
Our mission is to promote families as the primary source of nurture and development of individuals, to promote quality services which strengthen families and communities and to advocate policies and legislation which advance family well-being in Canada.

Family TLC www.familytlc.net
Non commercial site features family activities based on games, sports, crafts, music, cooking, nature, etc. Parenting tips, articles on child development & age appropriate activities. Birth - 5 years.

Get Set For Life www.canadianliving.com
Canadian site features expert parenting info. Upcoming events taking place in Canada. Birth - 5 years.

Homebasics Canada www.homebasics.ca
This site from Unilever Canada is designed for busy parents with little time. Offers enjoyable quick reads & helpful everyday tips for every aspect of parent's lives. 18 mo - 5 years.

Huggies www.huggies.com
Site is for parents who are looking for expert advice & info on child development. Discussion rooms to talk with other parents, & activity ideas.

I Parenting Canada.com www.iparentingcanada.com
Canadian commercial site by iParenting Media offers a wide range of info, tools & support for parents to be & parents of all ages. Prenatal - 5 years.

Moms Meetup moms.meetup.com
Meetup.com helps people find others who share their interest or cause, and form lasting, influential, local community groups that regularly meet face-to-face.

Parent Helpline www.parenthelpline.ca
Canadian National bilingual telephone & internet service that offers parenting advice. Birth - 5 years.

Parent Soup www.ivillage.com
Commercial site contains info for parents of children of all ages on parenting, child development, health, working moms & step-parenting. 2 - 5 years.

Parent's Journal www.parentsjournal.com
A U.S. radio series featuring info related to child development & parenting. Visitors to the site can listen to interviews with experts. Birth - 5 years.

Reality Works www.realityworksinc.com
Baby Think It Over速 Program gives people the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about parenting. The parenting simulation uses the Baby Think It Over速 infant simulator to offer an experience that simulates the parenting of an infant.

Roots of Empathy www.rootsofempathy.org
An innovative classroom-based parenting program that aims to reduce aggression through the fostering of empathy & emotional literacy. 3 - 14 years

Savvy Mom www.savvymom.ca
The trusted resource for moms across Canada. We are your secret weapon, providing busy mothers with practical solutions to everyday dilemmas ... from diapers to dinner parties and everything in between. We know that moms want the best for their families but that they're increasingly time-crunched too.

The Family.com www.thefamily.com
A non affiliated group that offers info on family, marriage, parenting, children etc.

Today's Parent www.todaysparent.com
Canadian magazine site offers info regarding child development, parenting & family life. Prenatal - 5 years.

Wellstart International www.wellstart.org
The focus of this bilingual site is to provide education & training, they maintain a file of materials & where to find them. They service other educators of health care providers etc. Links to other sites for training materials, guidelines, & organizations.

Zero To Three www.zerotothree.org
U.S. non-profit organization that is a leading resource on the first 3 years of life. Birth - 3 years.

Health & Safety:

American Academy of Pediatrics www.aap.org
Informative site covering sections on you, your family, research, publications etc.

Canada Safety Council http://safety-council.org
Non-government, charitable organization dedicated to safety. The section dedicated to child safety offers safety education info for parents on a variety of topics including car seats, airbags, sun safety, playground safety etc.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse www.ccsa.ca
An arms-length, national agency, established in 1988 by an Act of Parliament. Promotes informed debate on substance abuse issues & encourages public participation in reducing the harm associated with drug abuse; disseminates info on the nature, extent & consequences of substance abuse; & supports & assists organizations involved in substance abuse treatment, prevention.

Canadian Horticultural Council www.hortcouncil.ca
Site about Food safety issues, farm safety etc.

Canadian Immunization Awareness Program www.immunize.cpha.ca
A coalition of health-oriented organizations. This bilingual site info for parents & health pros on t vaccinations available to children of various ages. Tips & answers, FAQs, current events, news on immunization, publications, etc.

Canadian Institute for Health Information secure.cihi.ca/cihiweb/splash.html
An independent pan Canadian, non profit organization working to improve health of Canadians & the health care system by providing quality, reliable, timely health information.

Canadian Institute of Child Health www.cich.ca
Bilingual site, promotes the health & well being of children & youth in Canada through research, advocacy, & multilateral partnerships. Publishes info resources for both parents & health professionals, focuses programs on child health from pregnancy through adolescence.

Canadian Institute of Health Research www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca
CIHR is a major federally funded agency for health research. Its objective is to excel, according to internationally accepted standards of scientific excellence, in the creation of new knowledge & its translation into improved health for Canadians, more effective health services & products and a strengthened Canadian health care system.

Canadian Toy Testing Council www.toy-testing.org
A non-profit organization, recent editions of the Council's annual Toy Report. Press releases on toy advertising & national toy awards.

Caring for Kids www.caringforkids.cps.ca/
A snapshot of what Canada's pediatricians are saying about the health issues affecting children and youth today, along with links for more information.

Children's Safety Zone www.sosnet.com/safety
Bilingual US site offering info on safety everywhere for children, including pool safety, babysitting guide, facts & figures etc.

Cochrane Collaboration www.cochranechildhealth.org/
An international organization that aims to help people make well informed decisions about healthcare by preparing, maintaining & promoting the accessibility of systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions. Reviews, which are updated as new research emerges, are maintained on an electronic database.

Growing Healthy Canadians www.growinghealthykids.com
The importance of Children's first worlds - the people feeding, bathing, talk, singing & play. In the first year of life, secure, loving & stimulating relationships lay the foundation for their future development. 1 year - adolescent

Health Canada www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/search/a-z/a.
A comprehensive Bilingual site covering general healthy living, protection, drug abuse, alcohol, A-Z of healthy living allows you to search a particular subject matter.

Healthy Environments & Consumer Safety Branch www.hc-sc.gc.ca
5 Programs, each with responsibilities for a wide variety of policies, programs & services, which are planned, coordinated.

Healthy Spaces www.cccf-fcsge.ca/healthy-spaces
Developed by the Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH) & Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF). Info on a wide range of contaminants in the environment, & protection suggestions. An interactive map allows parents & caregivers to learn about potential dangers at daycare, home, in the car, playground etc.

Hospital for Sick Children www.sickkids.on.ca
Health care services for children in Toronto & beyond; conducts research into children's health; provides education, training, & specialized pediatric experience to medical students from the University of Toronto. Website includes a kids' section, info for parents & health professionals.

INFACT Canada (The Infant Feeding Action Coalition) www.infactcanada.ca
Non-profit organization gives awareness to parents & professionals to improve the health & well-being of infants & young children through the promotion & support of breastfeeding.

Its your Health Site by Health Canada www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/iyh/index
Comprehensive bilingual site covering general health, food, lifestyles, medical etc. Go to complete list in the A-Z section & search under topic.

Kids Have Stress Too! www.kidshavestresstoo.org
A prevention program by the Psychology Foundation of Canada, a non-profit organization. This bilingual website provides tips for parents to reduce stress in children & help them cope with stress, as well as info on the program & training opportunities for professionals.

Kids Health www.kidshealth.org
An initiative of the Nemours foundation, supporting children's well being through health facilities, research, & health-related educational projects. English /Spanish site features info on children's physical & emotional health as well as detailed info on common parenting concerns. A section specifically for children & teens.

Live & Learn Site www.liveandlearn.com
A US retailer site that offers info on protecting your child, learning disabilities, the common cold, pool safety, car games, breast feeding, & articles etc.

Natural Learning Initiatives www.naturalearning.org
Creating environments for healthy human development & a healthy biosphere for generations to come. Link to Robin Moore's workshop.

National Coalition for Cancer Skin Prevention www.sunsafety.org
An informal resource about skin cancer & youth. It is a general site about the coalition & offers further links to other sites.

National Crime Prevention Strategy www.prevention.gc.ca/index.html
The National Crime Prevention Strategy aims to reduce crime & victimization by tackling crime before it happens. The National Strategy is based on the principle that the surest way to reduce crime is to focus on the factors that put individuals at risk: factors like family violence, school problems, and drug abuse.

National SAFE KIDS campaign www.usa.safekids.org
First & only national American organization dedicated solely to the prevention & unintentional childhood injury.

Safe Kids www.safekid.org
Site on children's safety in the car, pool, playground, on the farm, on the internet. Poison prevention, magazine info, safety links. Colouring book, products & svces.

Safe Kids Canada www.safekidscanada.ca
National injury-prevention program of Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. Features a variety of articles, fact sheets & tips for safety & injury prevention in everyday situations such as the car, the home, school & play.

Surfing the Net with Kids www.surfnetkids.com/sunscreen.htm
Part of this site is dedicated to sun safety. Ozone Kidzone, sun protection, sun safety info, block the sun - not the fun & many other links that take you onto other sites.

The Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse, CCSA www.ccsa.ca
A non-profit organization working to minimize the harm associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco & other drugs. Resources, statistics, networks, Q/A sections, & info about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

The Children's Hospital at Westmead www.chw.edu.au
This Australian hospital website provides parents with health-related info on a wide range of topics, safety tips, parenting info, books on child development & children's health.

The Farm Safety Association Inc. www.fsai.on.ca
General information about the association including farm safety.

The Institute for Youth Development www.youthdevelopment.org
Promoting comprehensive risk avoidance message to youth for 5 harmful risk behaviors inextricably linked: alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco & violence. Providing consistent, sound messages, to avoid these risk behaviors altogether, especially if they are empowered by strong parent & family connections.

Mental Health:

BC Schizophrenia Society www.bcss.org
Information and facts about the mental illness of Schizophrenia. Look for the booklet: Supporting Families with Parental Mental Illness.

Ministry of Children and Family Development www.mcf.gov.bc.ca
The website is based on the Ministry being 'committed to having healthy children and families living in safe, caring and inclusive communities. Look for the booklet: Supporting Families with Parental Mental Illness.

HereToHelp - BC Partners of Mental Health and Addictions www.heretohelp.ca
Feeling confused? Alone? Want information you can trust for you or someone you care about? Here you'll find quality information, personal stories of hope, and resources you can use to make better decisions about mental health or substance use issues. We're here to help. Look for the Visions Magazine Volume 2, No. 2 Spring 2004.


Canadian Race Relations Foundation www.crr.ca
The Foundation is committed to building a national framework for the fight against racism in Canadian society. They shed light on the causes & manifestations of racism; provide independent, outspoken national leadership; & act as a resource & facilitator in the pursuit of equity, fairness, & social justice.

Caring for First Nations Children Society www.cfncs.com
The Caring for First Nations Children Society, formerly known as the First Nations Family and Child Care Workers, was formed on an informal basis in the spring of 1982 to act as a professional association & professional development body for persons employed or active in the field of Aboriginal child and family services.

First Nations Governance www.fngovernance.org
Projects focus on areas of study such as band government support systems, development of codes & policies, & aggregation. The projects include developing templates of models relating to leadership selection, administration of government & financial management & accountability, as well as developing & costing local redress mechanisms.

First Nations & Inuit Health Branch www.hc-sc.gc.ca
This government site ensures availability of & access to, health services for First Nations & Inuit communities. Addresses health barriers, disease threats, & attains health levels comparable to other Canadians living in similar locations, building strong partnerships to improve the health system.

Healing our Spirit www.healingourspirit.org
The mandate of Healing Our Spirit is to prevent and reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS and provide care and support services to Aboriginal peoples infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Indian & Northern Affairs Canada www.ainc-inac.gc.ca
Government website giving info on bursaries, scholarships. Services available to First Nations people.

Official Languages Support Programs www.canadianheritage.gc.ca/progs/lo-ol/index_e.cfm
Official Languages initiatives support programs in Canada.

Translation Bureau www.translationbureau.gc.ca
Supports the Government of Canada in its efforts to provide services to, & communicate with, Canadians in the official language of their choice.

Playtime Activities:

Early Childhood News www.earlychildhood.com
We're your online resource for teachers and parents of children 0 - 8. See latest hot topics in early childhood education, refresh you curriculum with Arts and Crafts and activities and visit the sharing boards to network with others.

Everything Preschool www.everythingpreschool.com
Site contain over 30,000 childhood education ideas. Alphabets, coloring pages, themes and lesson plans.

DLTK Crafts for Kids Dltk-kids.com
Features a variety of fun, printable children's crafts, coloring pages and more. Including projects for holidays, educational themes and some of our children's favorite cartoon characters.

Get Ready To read www.getreadytoread.org
An initiative of the American National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD). Build the early literacy skills of preschool children in America by bringing research-based strategies to parents & early childhood teachers & caregivers with the common goal to help prepare children to learn to read & write.

The Idea Box www.theideabox.com
Site aimed at parents and teachers of young children offers games, songs, kid recipes, craft ideas, and message boards. Kinder Art Kinderart.com Playtime Activites KinderArt 速 is the largest collection of free art lessons on the Internet. What began in 1997 as a few helpful ideas for teachers and parents, has since grown into an enormous collection of resources featuring thousands of free lesson plans, ideas and resources.

Mommy & Me Association Inc. www.mommyandme.com
A US association offering playgroups in various communities. Also offers activity ideas for parents & children. Birth - 5 years.

National Institute on Media & the Family www.mediafamily.org
Helping families & educators maximize the benefits & minimize the harm of mass media on children through research, education, & advocacy. This site discusses the effects of video games on children, TV violence etc.

Parks Canada www.pc.gc.ca
Protection of nationally significant examples of Canada's natural & cultural heritage & foster public understanding, appreciation & enjoyment in ways that ensure their ecological & commemorative integrity for present & future generations.

Playscapes www.planetearthplayscapes.com
A site that offers creation of "one of a kind" community built, play & learning environments for children.

Preschool Rainbow Preschoolrainbow.org
Preschool education activities and early childhood education lesson plans that give preschool children choices. Ideas for pre-k and kindergarten teachers that enrich classroom curriculum are arranged by theme. Plus easy at home fun learning games.

Society for Children & Youth of BC http://www.scyofbc.org/
A child & youth friendly community welcomes & involves children & youth & promotes their well being & safety. It fosters social responsibility & the notion that 'it takes a village to raise a child.

The Activity Idea Place 123child.com
2400 activity ideas for Early Childhood Professionals

Poverty & Housing:

Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare www.cecw-cepb.ca
Research site that offers publications, databases, research, policy, info, events etc.

Child Welfare League of Canada www.cwlc.ca
A national membership-based organization dedicated to the well-being and protection of all children and youth.

Pregnancy & Birth:

Academy of Breast Feeding Medicine www.bfmed.org
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is a worldwide organization of physicians dedicated to the promotion, protection & support of breastfeeding & human lactation. The site has info, newsletters & mandates.

BC Reproductive Care Program www.perinatalservicesbc.ca
The BCRCP was initiated jointly by the Ministry of Health & the BC Medical Association through the Continuing Advisory Subcommittee on Perinatal Care (CASC) to facilitate & support the ongoing development of the regionalization of perinatal care within the Province.

Best start resource Centre www.beststart.org
Bilingual site supports community health professionals across the province of Ontario to enhance the health of mothers & babies. Provides training, info & resources on topics such as alcohol & pregnancy, smoking & pregnancy, anti-violence, anti-poverty, breastfeeding, healthy body image, environmental health, health before pregnancy, low birth weight awareness, nutrition & workplace health.

Fraser Valley Pregnancy Centre www.fvpc.ca
Information about pregnancy and local resources.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hl-vs/iyh-vsv/diseases-maladies/fasd-etcaf-eng.php

Le Leche League Canada www.lllc.ca
Promotes breastfeeding through education, info, encouragement, mother-to-mother support, publications for mothers & health professionals.

Mother Risk Program at the Hospital for Sick Children www.motherisk.org
A source of evidence-based info on the safety or risk of drugs, chemicals & disease during pregnancy & lactation for expectant parents & professionals.

National Healthy Mothers & Baby coalition www.hmhb.org/index.html
This site helps deliver health messages to consumers, businesses & health care professionals. The section "You & Your Family" offers a variety of info on pregnancy, dad's to be, diet & nutrition, new born screening, car seat safety, breastfeeding, immunization, etc.

Pacific Post Partum Support Society www.postpartum.org
A non-profit society providing support to women experiencing depression or anxiety related to the birth or adoption of a baby. Resources for training & community education, info for parents, available support programs, info on the role of fathers, & testimonials from mothers.

The Baby Corner www.thebabycorner.com
Pregnancy & Birth Online magazine for expecting & new parents. Featuring weekly articles, expert Q&A, interactive tools & the Baby Boards! A supportive community as well as tools needed to guide parents through pregnancy & parenting.


BC Government Directory www.dir.gov.bc.ca
Browse by organization or place key words in to search for info on crown organizations, public agencies, ministries etc.

BC Government Publications Index www.publications.gov.bc.ca
The Publications Index provides quick & easy access to all Government of British Columbia publications. Purchase online or many publications can be viewed.

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of the Child www.rightsofchildren.ca
The mandate of the coalition is to ensure a collective voice for Canadian organizations & youth concerned with the rights of children as described in the UN convention on the Rights of The Child & the World Summit for Children Declaration.

Canada Foundation for Innovation www.innovation.ca
An independent corporation established by the Government of Canada in 1997, with a goal to strengthen the capability of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals, & other not-for-profit institutions to carry out world-class research & technology development.

Canadian Centre for Management Development www.ccmd-ccg.gc.ca
Dedicated to excellence in public sector management. The mandate is to support present & future public service managers through learning programs & courses, learning events, strategic research and other leadership development activities. Relevant to managers at all levels, in all departments & agencies & in all regions.

Canadian Coalition for the rights of Children www.rightsofchildren.ca/
The mandate of the Coalition is to ensure a collective voice for Canadian organizations and youth concerned with the rights of children as described in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the World Summit for Children Declaration.

Canadian Council on Social Development www.ccsd.ca
One of the largest & most active agencies providing non-governmental info on social issues, including children & youth. Publications: Progress of Canada's Children for 1999-2000, 2001, 2002 is available on their research site.

Canadian Human Rights Commission www.chrc-ccdp.ca
Government website. Ensures that the principles of equal opportunity & non-discrimination are followed in all areas of federal jurisdiction.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal www.chrt-tcdp.gc.ca
Government website to protect individuals from discrimination. The Tribunal is similar to a court of law, but is less formal & only hears cases relating to discrimination.

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency www.ceaa.gc.ca
Government website providing high-quality environmental assessments that contribute to informed decision making, in support of sustainable development. Project-by-project and step-by-step, environmental assessment helps us to make wise choices about our environment.

Canadian Pediatric Society www.cps.ca
Bilingual site offering publications & resources, professional development section, programs & advocacy.

Canadian Social Research Links www.canadiansocialresearch.net/chnbkmrk.htm
Government links to Families, Youth and Children related sites.

Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development www.excellence-earlychildhood.ca
The mission of the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD) is to improve our knowledge of the social and emotional development of young children.

Child Stats Government www.childstats.gov
US site offers easy access to federal & state statistics, reports on children & their families, including: population & family characteristics, economic security, health, behavior, social environment, education. Reports of the Federal Interagency Forum on Child & Family Statistics.

Child Trends www.childtrends.org
A US nonprofit, nonpartisan children's research organization. Collecting & analyzing data. Conduct, synthesize, & disseminate research; design & evaluate programs; develop & test promising approaches to research in the field. Child Trends has achieved a reputation as one of the nation's leading sources of credible data & high-quality research on children & share the results of its research & analysis with those who set policy, provide services, fund programs, launch studies.

Childwatch International www.childwatch.uio.no
A coalition of 29 major academic & other research agencies around the world which focus on children's issues. A wide range of research & general info, and links to other websites focused on specific issues.

Community Living Coalition theccl.org
The coalition is an open & inclusive gathering of people & organizations dedicated to empowering individuals & families to make decisions about how they lead their lives in the community.

Commissioner of the Environment & Sustainable Development http://www.oag-bvg.gc.ca
Mandates federal government accountable for greening its policies, operations, & programs. Leads a specialized unit within the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) of Canada that focuses on environmental & sustainable development issues & provides environmental audits. Assists parliamentarians in overseeing efforts to protect the environment & foster sustainable development.

EDI - The Early Development Instrument www.offordcentre.com
Centre for Children at Risk, McMaster University: Information on the Early Development Instrument.

Evergreen www.evergreen.ca
We are a national non-profit environmental organization with a mandate to bring nature to our cities through naturalization projects. Evergreen motivates people to create and sustain healthy, natural outdoor spaces and gives them the practical tools to be successful through its three core programs.

Families Change www.familieschange.ca
Developed by the provincial ministry of attorney-general to help children deal with their parent's separation or divorce. Child friendly with flash, cartoons & narrated text. A good educational tool to lessen children's feelings of isolation.

First Among Equals - The Prime Minister in Canadian Life & Politics www.nlc-bnc.ca/primeministers/
This site replaces Canada Speaks & Prime Ministers of Canada: 1867-1996. This is integrated into the National Archives exhibition First Among Equals.

Founders' Network www.founders.net
Links a diverse group of individuals from across Canada & in other countries. An international collection of people interested in promoting the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR), science & technology, early childhood, economic issues, determinants of health & human development.

Free The Children www.freethechildren.com
Website highlights the work done by children, for children. Great for info & more resources on how kids can help kids.

Governor General of Canada www.gg.ca
Covers the history, roles, responsibilities & activities of the Governor General.

Greenmaps www.greenmap.org
Green map system is a globally connected, locally adaptable framework for community sustainability. Utilizing green map icons to chart the sites of environmental significance in urban places around the world.

Growing Up In Cities www.unesco.org/most/guic/guicmain.htm
Research project that looked at issues of children's participation in decision making in various cities on all continents, & how it can be fostered. This international program to involve children, young people & governments in evaluating & improving local environments.

Health Policy & Communications Branch www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/about/org.html#11
This branch plays a lead role in health policy & consultations. Major responsibilities: Policy, planning & priorities, Admin of the Canada Health Act, Intergovernmental & international affairs, Women's health. Assessments of the impact of Health Canada policies, programs & legislation on provinces & territories. Analysis of provincial & territorial developments & trends, & their impact on Health Canada.

Information, Analysis & Connectivity Branch www.hc-sc.gc.ca/iacb-dgiac/english/iacb/branchindex.html
Human Resources Development Canada communications tools for Understanding the Early Years - Information on UEY Sites.

Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin www.ssc.wisc.edu/irp
US non-profit university-based center for research into the causes & consequences of poverty & social inequality. Offering formulated & tested basic theories of poverty, inequality, developed & evaluated social policy alternatives, analyzed trends in poverty & economic well-being.

International Centre for Human Rights & Democratic Development www.ichrdd.ca/splash.html
A non-partisan organization with an international mandate. It was created by Canada's Parliament in 1988 to encourage & support the universal values of human rights & the promotion of democratic institutions & practices around the world.

International Development Research Centre www.idrc.ca
A public corporation created by the Parliament of Canada in 1970 to help developing countries use science & technology to find practical, long-term solutions to the social, economic, and environmental problems they face.

International Play Association: Promoting the Child's Right to Play (IPA) www.ipaworld.org
IPA is an international, non-government organization founded in Denmark in 1961, members in close to 50 countries. This is an interdisciplinary organization which brings together people from a wide variety of professions including play-workers, planners, psychologists, educators, architects, academics, artists, researchers, childcare workers, landscape designers, health workers etc.

Leadership Network www.tbs-sct.gc.ca
The Leadership Network's mandate to promote, develop & support networks of leaders throughout the Public Service of Canada & assist them in the continuing challenge of public service renewal & modernization.

Learning through Landscapes www.ltl.org.uk
UK site, Learning through Landscapes is the National School Grounds Charity. We work with schools, organisations and individuals across the country to help them improve and develop their school grounds, magazines online etc.

Ministry for Children & Family Development www.gov.bc.ca
Various sections on childhood development, special needs, child protection & family development, reports & publications etc.

National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY) www.statcan.ca/cgi-bin/downpub/freepub.cgi
Downloadable Publications and Materials from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and youth, including information on Abbotsford's results.

National Research Council www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Undertaking, assisting or promoting scientific & industrial research in different fields of importance to Canada; establishing, operating & maintaining a national science library; administering NRC's research & development activities, including grants & contributions used to support a number of international activities; providing vital scientific & technological services to the research & industrial communities.

Networks of Centres of Excellence www.nce-rce.gc.ca
Fosters powerful partnerships between university, government & industry.

Policy Research Canada (PRI) www.policyresearch.gc.ca
Information on recent Policy developments and initiatives from Policy Research Canada.

Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) www.sparc.bc.ca
The Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) works with communities in building a just and healthy society for all.

Status of Women Canada www.swc-cfc.gc.ca
A federal government department promoting gender equality, the full participation of women in the economic, social, cultural & political. Focuses in 3 areas: improving women's economic autonomy & well-being, eliminating systemic violence against women & children, & advancing women's human rights.

UNICEF www.unicef.org
Habitat II delegates recognized a need for attention to their agenda to the special needs of children for safe, secure & healthy living conditions. Subsequent work by various organizations led to a series of publications that defined the child friendly city.

UNICEF-International Child Development Centre www.unicef-icdc.it
Research center in Florence, Italy provides a range of info on issues related to child & youth friendly communities.

Western Economic Diversification Canada www.wd.gc.ca/eng/home.asp
Works to strengthen Western Canada's economy & advance the interests of the West in national economic policy. The programs & services support three strategic directions: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Communities.

YouthPath www.youth.gc.ca
YouthPath was built with the help and direction of 16 Youth Team Leaders, hundreds of volunteers from across Canada and 16 Federal Partners.