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Who Are We?

The Abbotsford Early Childhood Committee (AECC) is a group of dedicated individuals and organizations passionate about enhancing supports and resources for children up to age 6 and their families.

The "Early Years" (prenatal to age 6) are extremely important. The kind of nurturing and attention that children receive in early childhood has a major impact on the rest of their lives. Researchers have found the early years of development, from birth to age six, affect learning, behaviour and health throughout life.

Our VISION: Abbotsford's families and children 0 to 6 are healthy, safe and secure, successful learners, socially engaged and responsible.

Our MISSION: the AECC is a catalyst for building family and community capacity in strengthening the health and well being of children.

Our PURPOSE is to:

  • " Promote partnerships and collaboration among community organizations, agencies, individuals, and businesses
  • " Contribute to the design of a community action plan
  • " Guide the development of project activities for which funding is received ( Children First, Success by 6)
  • " Plan, promote, and implement educational and awareness initiatives
  • " Identify resources - formal and informal
  • " Provide support for the projects, such as materials, facilities, facilitators, speakers, according to the the capacity of the committee
  • " Provide support and suggestions, and open doors for funding to work towards sustainability
  • " Participate in the evaluation of the projects and evaluation of individual initiatives